Help Music Journalists Help You

If you’re an musician who’s been at this for some time, you’ve probably stumbled across the names of certain journalists in your time who you’d love to one day work with. You likely believe that you’ve got a good idea about what their job consists of and what it is that they expect from you. But there are a few things you’ve likely never considered.

There are some secrets of the trade that could every musician should know. Here we’re gonna provide you with a few pieces of useful information to ensure that your next interaction with a music journalist is a success.

Journalists Do Their Research

A journalists job isn’t to merely understand every finite detail about your new album. Their job is to know what questions to ask you in particular for their interview to stand out from the rest of them. Wouldn’t you only get tired of answering the same questions over and over? Well journalists would certainly get tired asking them. They need to keep their readers entertained.

Nothing is more boring in an interview than when musicians answer well thought-out questions with a predictable, unimaginative answer similar to all their other interviews. Journalist’s questions should be well researched. So provide them with equal amount of care in answering them. They are there to translate your message to your audience. Don’t make their job any harder for them

music journalist

Music Journalists Love What They Do

There are plenty of easier ways to make money than to put words on to paper. Music journalists write about music because they absolutely love it. Often just as much as you do. A journalist may even be your biggest fan.

This means that music journalists consume a lot of music and have developed a pretty good sense of taste. So if you’re album sounds like a rip off of some other huge commercial success, chances are they’ll sniff you out pretty quick. And given the amount of music they consume, if you reference obscure music in an interview to try to come off as pretentious, they’ll probably sniff that out as well.

Music Journalists Are Legitimately Excited To Talk To You

If you get asked to do an interview, than they are genuinely fans of you and your music. Don’t stick your nose up to any small time indie blog that would like a piece of your time. Unless you’re already in the big leagues, and that you’re reading this article you’re clearly not, than this won’t apply to you. But if you are in the big leagues, you would already know that it is essential to give people who truly love your music the time of day. They are evangelizers of your creative work. Do not take that for granted.

We hope you take these point into account when looking to interact with some press. Make it a two way street. The interview may be about you, but remember journalists have lives and their livelihood depends on translating your value to a wider audience.