5 Tips For Improving Your Live Performance

We’ve often heard something like “that artist has got it, he’s just got it!” A way to describe someone’s X-factor or unmistakable quality that sets them apart and captivates the audience.

Some performers can completely transform on stage. We feel like they were born for the limelight and they give off an air of “natural” talent.

The truth is these talents are achieved after years of hard work and dedication. Apart from a very few “freak” instances where some artists fit in the upper echelons of human expression, most successful artists would admit that they got their because they worked so damn hard to be there.

There are many subtleties that go into a captivating performance and what will set you apart from the others is just how signature your subtleties can be. Here are a few tips to help you develop some.


  1. Deal With Your Stage Fright

    Many successful artists claim that the stage fright never truly disappears. In fact, John Lennon had claimed to have vomited before almost every performance up until the end of his career because of stage fright. The truth is, you have no choice but to face this on your own and develop your own methods of dealing with this. Perhaps a few shots of whisky will help you get there or maybe some deep meditation. Whatever the remedy, its up to you to face the music and it’s only once you do that you will have to potential to overcome it.

  2. Videotape Your Rehearsal.

    There is quite a distinction between a practice and a rehearsal. A practice is running over the tunes, doing your homework, and sharpening your skills. Rehearsal is where all this comes alive in a preproduction to the live show. Film your rehearsals and give it your all. Afterward, watch the video and study over and over. How do you look? How do you comport yourselves in front of your audience? Would you think twice about those performers on stage?

  3. Dress To Impress

    In a live performance, music needs to transcend its sonic aesthetics and enter the realm of performance art. You may be a bitter bedroom dweller who only labels this as vanity, but this probably best points to your lack of creativity than your moral superiority. All eyes are on you at a show, let your appearance be an extension of the music. Approach it as another creative challenge. Are you up for it?

  4. Practice Your Banter

    I don’t know how many concerts I have seen that have left me utterly uncurious about the artist on stage. Use banter as a way to engage your audience. You should be collecting information and data about your audience to know what kind of people they are and you should be engaging them on their level, and bring them on to yours. Practice your ability to hold peoples attention, to think quickly, and tell stories. It will give your audience a window right into your soul, and that’s the goal isn’t it?

  5. Make The Best Of Your Soundcheck

    If this needs to be explained to you then you should probably reconsider what it is you think you are chasing after in life, and learn a big dose about what it means to succeed. You’ve been to large concerts where the opener didn’t sound nearly as good as the main act. Sure there are several reasons as to why, but the main one is that the sound guy isn’t as “in tune” with the songs, production, and goal with the opener as they are with the main act. You work hard to sound good in rehearsal, so take advantage of any and every opportunity to make your live show fluid and quality as possible. Make friends with your soundman. Get his name. Buy him a beer. Trust me, it will go a long way.

Hope you enjoyed these 5 tips for a better live performance. If you’d like more musical tips and info, visit us on our home page.