Lessons From The Masters | Puccini, Beethoven, and Michael Jackson

“What makes a good composer?”

That is the main focus of this article. Of course there are tons of “good” composers and songwriters in the world, but in all conversations it always comes down to a named few who’s work has stood the test of time. I have chosen three amazing composers (all are not composers of classical music), and I will to write a few lines about each. I thought I would try to shine light on a particular detail about each composer – a musical attribute that the composer manages better than most. The thre chosen are Opera Giacomo Puccini, the King of Pop Michael Jackson, and Classical Music Champion – Ludwig van Beethoven.



GIACOMO PUCCINI: Tosca, Madama Butterfly, La Bohème and Turandot. Puccini is behind all the masterpieces. He worked around the turn of the century from 1899-1900, and is of course most famous for his operas. His great strength is to create a musical drama using concrete melodies that the audience can absorb. Listen to the finale of Turandot so you understand just what I mean. Just this piece is processed by Franco Alfano after Puccini’s notes, when the master left before he completed the opera. Giacomo Puccini one of the worlds absolute favourite composers of classical music. If you have yet to experience the above-mentioned operas, you best get on it now.



MICHAEL JACKSON: Certainly the King of Pop did not distinguish himself primarily as composer or songwriter, but rather as a talented singer and performer. Nevertheless, he is himself behind most of the songs for his best-selling album, and it is not because of his tragic death he gets here. Jackson could express himself through his music in a way that enchanted the entire world. Jackson’s voice arrangements and rhythmic capacities our out of this world, with an outlandish ability to arrange and tie up small details everywhere. His taste for music, guided by genius producers like Quincy Jones and Teddy Riley, led for many years at the forefront of Western Pop culture. He is one of the worlds most influential musicians who had the capacity to hit a universal nerve within the human psyche. 



LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN: He was afflicted by the fact that his hearing was worsening over the years. When the depression reached an all-time low, he made a decision – he would give the world all the music he could create, despite his inability to fully enjoy it himself. For this we are all deeply grateful. Here I want to mention a particular feature that Ludwig van Beethoven possessed as a composer, though it is difficult to know where to start. So perhaps I will suggest that you listen full-heartedly to Eroica.  Be inspired by the profound magic of this music.

I feel greatly inspired by all the composers mentioned above. Their legacy lies in the process of their work, the commitment to the discipline that outshines the rest. So to answer the question “What Makes A Good Compose?” I would suggest that it is a commitment and discipline to the process itself that creates prolific, unparalleled art.